The site was set-up as a release from the day to day political pronouncements that often infuriate the citizens.


Are you tired of all the poli-speak being thrust at you?

Tired of the stress caused by the spin doctors.

Flamingo Zingo™ is here to clear the air!


It is a place to vent one's frustration from listening to liberals disseminate their version of the news (call it Poly-Speak), meaning it was set up as a site where one could express one's anger at the absurdity of the current political drama.


A thought,

Perish the thought

Lost the thought.

What was I thinking anyway?

Oh, well, let us just say the political scene today is not any different than it was a few years ago (actually since the beginning of time). "Lets not be concerned with the citizenry, after all, they only vote for us, they do not control us." Sound familiar, well it should, as it is what is in most politicians minds.

That is right we, the citizenry vote for, but we do not control the politicians. But, if you are wealthy beyond means or have enormous power due to your wealth, you can command a politicians attention and usually get it. Too too bad - a country as great as America and we can't get an even shake!

Boy, (or buoy - yea, lets send them out to sea), what can we see?
jtp 9/13/2016


Keep a close watch for new revelations about the politial scene and it's missteps in governing the people!.

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