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Everybody has locks. Locks on their doors, locks on their windows, locks on their cars, locks on their hearts. Are locks a sign of distrust or merely a way of saying this is mine, do not trespass?

Maybe today, locks are both a sign of distrust and ownership. But how long do we own, or shall we say, appear to own something? Land and houses are usually here a lot longer than humans. So you wonder, who, indeed owns the things we hold so dear?

They own themselves, we are only guardians for future generations. Let us take care we don't leave a nightmare.


There appears today (and for quite some time) to be more regard for one person's rights against society as a whole. Clearly it is not desirable to infringe on one person's rights. However it is even worse when, because of this skewed view of individual rights, we infringe on all of society's rights.

Often it is necessary to take steps to protect society from the few. These few being those wanting to destroy America and those who have no concern for others. These are individuals who, it has been shown, have no regard for other people's rights. If it was one or a group of radical individuals they need to be locked up for the protection of society. Now, liberal politicians have become soft and instead of locking these individuals up, they are allowed to freely move about.

When tuberculosis was a raging disease, those that had it were quarantined to protect the rest of society and prevent an outbreak like the plague in Europe.

How many people have to die at the hands of these radical individuals before something is done to protect society. Or does society have to take things into their own hands.


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