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To War, To War

It is hard to comprehend why this county is so concerned about people who hate us. There is no reason on earth for the involvement of America in the inner struggles of another country. Our concern should be stopping the proliferation of atomic weaponry throughout the world. That is a danger to America, especially when the proliferating of such weapons is being done by those that are not friends with America, but in fact, seek to destroy America.

Think AMERICA! Keep America strong by continually being vigilant, but being more concerned with what goes on at home.


False news and lies not based on truth
Taste as bad as straight vermouth

It's time for the liberal media
To report the truth or face a stampedia

People are tired and fed up with false reporting
Most look at you and they're not supporting

Your liberal socialist ideology
Is really nothing but pure mythology

Remove the clouds from your brain
Break away from that unmanageable strain

Time In Life

There comes a time in each one's life
When occurrences fill one with more strife

We must endure, we must carry on
Until the end when the war is won

Pussy footing around will not cure
We must have fortitude to be sure

In the end victory will be ours
Then we can break and take our showers

Wash away all the dirt and grime
Feeling fresh after a tempestuous time


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